PAINTonPAINT are Chris Endrey and Hannah Beasley and Clarke Finn= a trio of fierce friends from Canberra. We write music as a know-nothing foray into the incomplete realms of meaning, the universe, and emotional experience.

We know this sounds absolutely horrible, but it isn't that bad. It's mostly just soulful pop songs without the outfits. And we're working on the outfits.

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24   Acoustic Pints at the Phoenix: PAINTonPAINT, Beth Monzo, Lady Denman

9    Fun Machine Reunion at the Phoenix with PAINTonPAINT and Hi New Lo
14   Single Launch at the Phoenix with My Pet Ant and Ella Hunt

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Night Rises is the debut LP from PAINTonPAINT.

From the Air-esque anthem of Wine Dark Sea and rolling car crash cry of Seldom to the haunting exhale of Pointed Gun, the rich soundscape is a collection of the experiences and life musings of the artists through 12 songs across a range of dynamics that sees them feeling for their own style.

With pop-driven Smash and Two Mirrors already released, toured, and earning the band airplay on the national ABC radio, community stations, and a run on RN’s Inside Sleeve – 2016 is feeling good for these machines of love and glory.

The album’s title, 'Night Rises' is in sympathy with American artist titan, James Turrell, who the band were lucky to meet and play alongside as part of his season blockbuster at the National Gallery of Australia.

Produced by Dax Liniere of Puzzle Factory Studios (NSW Producer of the Year 2013) in Canberra, the album features the work of ARIA-nominated Josh Bridges (Mustered Courage), MAMA-winning Nick Peddle (Julia & The Deep Sea Sirens) and ACT Artist of the Year 2014, unnamed-due-to-vocation (Glitoris).

To share excitement about the album, the band held midnight listening parties in the major capitals in various intimate studios to lie in the dark and listen through the LP in its entirety. And if you’ve got the time, this is definitely how we recommend you dive in yourself.

They’ll be touring the nation in May, once Chris has finished his run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Hannah has finished learning Farsi (band-related).

To get in touch for any interviews, reviews, bookings or even just a chat, contact management at paintonpaintband@gmail.com.


released March 2, 2016

PAINTonPAINT are Hannah Beasley and Chris Endrey.

Produced and Mixed by Dax Liniere of Puzzle Factory Studios.

Assistant mixing and editing by Myles Wrigley.

Vocals: Hannah Beasley, Chris Endrey, Dax Liniere
Bass: Josh Bridges, Pete Lyon
Drums: Nick Peddle, Chris Endrey
Xylophone: Beezy Teezy
Saxaphone: Shaun Wright

Mastered by Andrew Edgson at Studios301.

Photography by Helen Braund
Artwork by Hannah Beasley